What current parents are saying about Moerlina


  1. A safe, inclusive learning environment where my child is happy and enjoys going to school every morning.

2. My child is deeply engaged in learning.  Concepts are made so real because learning goes beyond the classroom and comes alive.

3. Small classes mean teachers can provide the individual attention I want for my child.

4. Committed, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who are well trained in contemporary, evidence-based, best practice learning.

5. Important life skills such as self-confidence, perseverance and resilience are being fostered for my child.

6. Every activity is purposeful.  The learning journey for every child is fully integrated and active.

7. Every day I see children supporting each other.  The culture of care and compassion is truly amazing.

8. ALL teachers have built meaningful relationships with my child.  That’s the benefit of a small school.

9. Respect is valued.  My child and I have a voice.

10. I love that the teachers draw on the best aspects of all the educational philosophies like Montessori, Steiner and Reggio, to deliver a well-rounded educational approach.


These statements, by Moerlina School parents, were compiled after a Whole of School Camp at Woodman Point. (“Whole of School” meaning ALL children and parents of all families attending camp.)

Parents came together in groups to discuss the most important reasons for choosing Moerlina for their child’s education.

We had a hard time limiting the list to 10!


We welcome your inquiry to discuss your children’s educational needs. Please phone Moerlina on (08) 9384 5894 or email us at [email protected].