Moerlina is an independent school, owned and run by the Parent Body. To ensure the school is run in an efficient and responsible manner, the parent body elects the Moerlina School Council, which acts on the behalf of all parents. The Council is charged with governing the school and overseeing its executive management in accordance with the school’s philosophy, vision and all legal and fiscal obligations and ensuring that our children are provided an education of the highest standard.

While Council is ultimately responsible for the School, it manages the school through a cooperative arrangement with the Principal and Committees. The Principal is delegated the authority to make daily operational decisions for the school. To ensure the school is properly managed, Council assigns roles and responsibilities (e.g. Treasurer, Secretary) to designated positions and Committees.


Annual General Meeting

The Moerlina School Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held in May/June of each year. The Chair of Council, Treasurer and Principal provide families with and overview of how the School has fared organisationally, educationally and financially for the previous year.