Children move to various high schools from Moerlina, both private and public.


How do the children adjust coming from a small school like Moerlina?

Yes, going to high school is a big step and can be overwhelming. However, it is always a big step, regardless of which primary school children come from. High schools are well versed in providing comprehensive orientation programs, homeroom structures and pastoral care initiatives to help students adjust to their new learning environment.

Moerlina empowers its students to thrive by focusing on the development of social skills. This enables our students to adjust readily to any change that may be encountered when attending other schools. Our Upper Primary management is modelled on middle-schooling philosophy.

What many of our children tend to miss is the opportunity to play across age-groups.


Will my child be able to handle the workload?

Faced with the same curriculum, the same textbooks and the same online educational programs, the transition from Moerlina is often seamless. Moerlina students are however a lot less tolerant of ’busy’ homework that is without purpose. Thankfully, they have learned to advocate for themselves and can often negotiate an alternative to worksheets with their teacher. Where they really shine is when they have the opportunity to unleash their creativity during open-ended tasks. It’s a Moerlinian’s ability to think creatively, innovatively and to think ‘out of the box’ that really makes them stand out from the crowd. There is something quite different about Moerlina kids and they’re highly valued because of that difference.


Will my child be ready to take on leadership roles?

Our students develop a very strong sense of social justice and environmental leadership which continues long after they’ve left Moerlina. Moerlina prepares its students well to advocate to bring about change – whether it’s lobbying the canteen for more healthy food choices or organising a pasta drive to boost a local soup kitchen. They are ready and able to take up leadership opportunities in their new school.


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