Moerlina has a strong tradition of parental involvement. Active and purposeful parental involvement significantly strengthens our school community, supports the school’s academic programs and consolidates the teacher-student-parent partnership. It’s one of the secret ingredients that make Moerlina a very special place to be.

There are a number of ways to get involved at both a school and a class level.


Busy Bees

One Busy Bee (BZB) is held each term. Every Moerlina family is expected to attend at least 2 BZBs per year. Parent involvement in BZBs is essential to minimize fees associated with maintenance costs. Families who are not able to attend BZBs may choose to contribute time other than at BZBs – please speak with the Principal regarding tasks that can be completed in lieu of BZB.

BZBs are a fun social experience as well as being very satisfying in seeing the results of our community input.


Class Representative

As a Class Representative you welcome new parents and children to your class and help organise some of the regular events each term, such as catering for our BZBs.



Committees are generally led by a Council member and address more specific needs of the school. This year the Committees are:

  • Finance & Risk
  • Policy & Compliance
  • Strategy & Sustainability
  • Parents & Friends (P&F)

The Committees play an important role in responding to requests from Council or staff, and in formulating suggestions for positive action that benefits the teaching and learning programs for our staff and students, and the business of our school. The Committee Coordinators do not take on all of the work of the Committee, but act as liaison between the school community and the Committee, and as facilitator in planning and actioning agreed Committee activities. The committees report back to Council on a monthly basis.



Our Teams meet on a more informal basis but are no less important to our school community. We currently have the following active teams:

  • Building and Grounds – actions much of the work of the playground development and plan; and
  • Library – resources and organises our school library and runs our annual book sale.

We welcome any parents who have expertise, interest or enthusiasm for one of these areas to contact the Office.