Kindy Enrichment Program

Philosophy and Science for Young Children


Kindy Enrichment Program (KEP) is a one-day inquiry and play-based program that develops individual strengths and interests to complement regular Kindergarten. The program is led by Early Childhood Specialist: Joanna Fellows-Smith, M.Ed. (Gifted and Talented), B.Ed. (Conversion), Dip. Fine Arts, Ass. Dip. Montessori Ed. (0-9 Yrs.), Dip. T. Early Childhood Education.


Using children’s literature and science experiments to explore big ideas, with like-minded peers, young children will be able to exercise their developing literacy and maths in interesting and challenging ways, in an appropriate play-based, indoor and outdoor environment.

Projects of inquiry will be documented and available to take home, making our learning visible and enabling further reflection. The principles of the Early Years Learning Framework and the WA School Curriculum and Standards Authority Kindergarten Guidelines will be reflected in planning.


Drawing from Peter Worley’s Philosophy for Children (P4C), children will be involved in a meaningful, interactive conversation where they Respond, Reflect, Reason and Re-evaluate (4Rs) their ideas.  We will consider topics such as “What is fairness?” and “How can we tell what is real?”

Prompts such as thought experiments using the “What if …?” machine, picture books, questioning techniques and playful interactions will be used.

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Science exploration will start with the children’s current knowledge and interests. In-depth deconstruction of concepts using simple experiments and an inquiry process will be documented as the children engage in a combination of the five ‘STEAM’ learning areas – Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics, to solve problems and create products. The national “Little Scientists” program will inform our work.

Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)

The EYLF is a national framework guiding early childhood teachers to support all children in their developing sense of being, belonging and becoming. Along with the WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, it will guide the teaching principles and practices of the Moerlina Kindy Enrichment Program.

At Moerlina the child’s voice and social, emotional and personal well-being is our priority. Sessions will aim to be engaging, inclusive and relaxed.

Application and Enrolment

To apply for a place in the Kindy Enrichment Program, interested families will need to complete an Application Form (unless already enrolled at Moerlina) and a Program survey.

The purpose of this survey is to support parents and staff to find a ‘good fit’ for children in the Moerlina Kindy Enrichment Program. The survey has been adapted from the Michael Sayler’s checklist for parents, Things my young child has done.

We aim to be as inclusive as possible while maintaining the integrity of the program.  Philosophy will require the ability to sit and talk in a small group. Science will require the ability to listen and follow instructions. Therefore, children enrolled in the Moerlina Kindy Enrichment Program will have well-developed self-management skills. They will be able to take off and put on shoes and clothing, follow instructions, work in a group and separate easily. When happily engaged, they will be encouraged to commit to a task, extend their concentration, and develop their understanding of complexity.

A meeting with the teacher will be scheduled for families prior to the formal enrolment process.

All children who commence in the Program will have an initial two-week trial period (2 single day sessions). The purpose of the trial is to ensure that each child is ready to engage in the Program. From here, the formal enrolment process will be completed. Where a child is not yet ready for the program, as described above, a refund will be given for the remaining sessions.

Practical Points

KEP hours

9:00am – 3:00pm


Information on the cost of the program can be found here.


Morning tea

Children will bring a healthy snack to share – fruit, cheese, crackers etc.



Children will bring their own packed lunch.

 We are an Allergy Aware school, and ask families to please choose nut free options for school lunch boxes to ensure the safety of all children. Children with anaphylaxis due to nut allergies do not have to eat the nuts to have a serious reaction – the nut oils from someone’s hands can be enough to cause a problem.


School Bag

Children will need to bring a drink bottle, hat and two changes of clothes (to be kept in their school bag). Please clearly label all your child’s belongings.



A KEP Newsletter will be sent out each week.

General school matters will be communicated via email.

Photos and general information about what we are doing will be shared on the Moerlina Facebook.



Our learning journey will be documented and provided to families at the end of each term. Families are encouraged to respond and contribute.

School contacts

Perette Minciullo                 Principal

Kerryn Robbins                    Registrar

Joanna Fellows-Smith        KEP Teacher



Phone: 9384 5894




ELC Application Form