Community spirit and active citizenship has a big impact

Olivia Howe was in Year 3 when she first decided that as a group, our school could do something to help people who were doing it tough in the wider community by collecting clothing, toys and household goods for Anglicare’s Orange Bag Day.

So we set about drawing up the process that Olivia would need to follow to see her idea to fruition – making contact with Anglicare, communicating her idea with our families, getting a team together to help prepare posters, establishing a collection point, arranging for pick-up of collected goods. Olivia took it on, and it took off!

Four years on and Olivia has run the collection for Anglicare each year. That’s four truckloads of goods to help others!

Not only are we incredibly proud of the initiative and empathy that Olivia has shown, but this year she took it a step further.

Through her commitment to caring for the environment, Olivia renamed the collection, “Bring a Box Day”, replacing the collection of goods in orange plastic bags to boxes.

Anglicare representative, Laura Smith, who visited Moerlina last week, was so inspired by Olivia’s idea that Anglicare has decided to use boxes in place of plastic bags in all of their future school programs.

Congratulations, Olivia, on your determination and success in making our world a better place.